Dr. Garifzianova is a lecturer at the Department of Philosophy and Sociology at the Elabuga State Pedagogical University in Kazan. Her current research interests lie in xenophobic and nationalist sentiments among young people, their everyday cultural practices, subcultural solidarities, as well as the role of the researcher in ethnography. Her research “field” work explores different male social groups. Albina has extensively published on the issues of sociology and social philosophy. She has spoken at and paneled numerous conferences and sessions in Russia, Europe and beyond. Dr. Garifzianova’s research has received high appraisal, as well as funding from Heinrich Böll Foundation, MacArthur Foundation and the Russian Ministry of Education and Science.


The geographies of penitentiary system in (post) Soviet Russia

Russian ‘Spatial Crisis’
University of Oxford March 15-17, 2019
The seminar started with welcome addresses from the organisers. Julia Taranova thanked the Oxford University seminar hosts on behalf of Russian Reading [...]