Maria received her PhD in Russian Constitutional Law from Russian Academy of Jurisprudence in 2006 and an LLM in International Human Rights Law from the University of Exeter. She has practiced law in Russia and conducted high-impact research on different aspects of national and comparative educational legislation and policy. She has worked as a researcher at Moscow-based Federal Centre for Educational Legislation, focusing on Russian and international education law and policy. As a member of this research team she worked on a number of research projects commissioned by the Russian Ministry of Education and Science, including a role in the drafting of the newest federal law on education in the Russian Federation – a codified act comprehensively regulating all types and levels of education in Russia. As a part of her LLM Maria completed two prestigious competitive internships: the first at the OHCHR Human Rights Council Branch in Geneva, and the second at the Department of Education of the Council of Europe in Strasbourg. Her LLM dissertation on justiciability of the right to education was awarded the Best LLM Dissertation of the Year prize from the University of Exeter.

Close cooperation with the European Association for Education Law and Policy has led to a number of publications and book contributions comparing different aspects of education law and policy in Russia and other countries.

Maria joined the University of Manchester Law School in 2014 and is now an Honorary Research Fellow at Manchester International Law Centre, where she is researching the interaction between international human rights norms and legal and political transformation in Russia. Finally, her ongoing work for the UN Human Rights Council puts her at the forefront of current developments in international law and politics.